About Council

The WUDC is governed by the World Universities Debating Council, a representative body in which each nation attending Worlds is able to participate. The Council is led by an Executive Committee and distributes proportional voting authority based on historic participation of nations in the competition. The Council meets annually on New Year’s Day.



The chair manages the meetings of the Council and acts as spokesperson for WUDC.

Udai Kamath currently attends the University of Macquarie in Sydney, Australia where he studies Law. He has previously served on the WUDC Executive as Secretary and Registrar. He is also the current President of the Australasian Intervsristy Debating Association (AIDA).


The secretary writes and keeps the records of Council and maintains contact with participating institutions.

Tawfique Elahi is a debate adjudicator-turned-coach from Bangladesh. He graduated in CS from North South University and works full-time in the tech industry. His research interests focus on financial inclusion for marginalized communities.

In his pursuit of serving the global debating community, he is also the current General Secretary of the Asian BP Debating Council.

Étienne Beaulé, Registrar 2021-2022


The registrar maintains the documentation and data required for proper governance and preservation of tournament records.

Étienne Beaulé made his debating career with minimal debating, rather focusing on making tournaments smoother. He currently serves as secretary for the French-Canadian league and works on Tabbycat.

Women's and Gender Minorities' Officer

The Women's and Gender Minorities' Officer officer organises and manages the Women's Forum and Night, while promoting female participation in debate.

Martha McKinney-Perry is in third year studying Law and Political Science at Trinity College Dublin. She was a Grand Finalist of Cambridge WGM 2021, DCA of Glasgow WGM 2022, and convened Trinity WGM 2022.

Equity Officer

The equity officer manages the equity committee while promoting the accessibility and equity in debate.

Jessica is a postgrad student at the Australian National University and works full time for the Australian public service. She has served as equity officer for a number of competitions including Australian Nationals, and will be the CA for Madrid WUDC 2023.

Regional Representatives

  • North America:

  • Caribbean and Latin America:

  • Islands of the North Atlantic:

  • Continental Europe and the Middle East:

  • Africa:

  • Asia:

  • Australia, New Zealand and Oceania:

Country Representatives

All admitted countries to Council may have one representative, normally from the dominant country's circuit. They have a number of votes according to their status, based on their level of participation at WUDC. Click here to update your country's information if it appears out of date.

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