What is WUDC?

The World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) is the world's biggest debating tournament, held annually in English with teams representing universities from across the world.

The 2024 Open Champions are Mark Rothery and Anikey Chakravorty from Oxford University. 

The 2024 English as a Second Language Champions are Mihailo Babić and Lazar Popović from the University of Belgrade.

The 2024 English as a Foreign Language Champions are Miloš Prokić and Đorđe Mirković from the University of Belgrade.

Panama WUDC 2025

The next edition of WUDC will be held in Panama City, Panama from December 27, 2024 to January 4, 2025. 

Chief Adjudication Panel: Hadar Goldberg (Co-Chief), Juanita Hincapie (Co-Chief), Kat Cheng, Shudipto Ahmed, Jane Mentzinger, Erasmus Mawuli Segbefia, Marta Vasic and Pranav Kagalkar

Tabulation: Giza Pavone (Co-Director), Peta Hillier (Co-Director), Étienne Beaule, Lucien Mendela, Nora Flynn-McIver, Simran Makwane and Valeria Corona Ramiréz

Host Team: Daniela Noriega (Convenor), Caroline Quinzada (Managing Director) 

Further information is available here

Sofia WUDC 2026

The Council has also ratified the bid convened by Nikolay Angelov and Rumen Marinov to host WUDC 2026 in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Bids to host WUDC 2027 will be considered at the Main Session of Council to be convened at Panama WUDC on January 1st 2025.  

Tab Links

Click the relevant link below for the Madrid WUDC 2023, Belgrade WUDC 2022, and Korea WUDC 2021 tabs.

WUDC is governed by the World Universities Debating Council, which sets the parameters of the tournament with the rules of debate, eligibility to participate, and in the selection of the annual host.